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Somnofy is the world’s most advanced non-contact sleep monitor with superior accuracy, automatic tracking, and smart analytics to help you find longer & more restful sleep.

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Restore your body and mind, reduce your risk of injury, heart disease, high-blood pressure, and improve cognitive function.
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Perform at your best, increase endurance, reduce exhaustion, improve problem solving abilities, and innovative thinking.

The World’s Most Advanced Non-Contact Sleep Monitor

Previously only available to sleep scientists and top athletes, Somnofy is now available to everyone.

Smart Analytics, Powered by Machine Learning

Trusted by Top Athletes

Jørgen Graabak

2x Olympic Gold Medalist

“Somnofy helped me find a method to achieve the quality of sleep I need to keep performing at the highest level. Knowledge is power!”

Trond Håkon Trondsen

Professional Cyclist

“In periods of hard training, I’ve found a high correlation between training load and respiration rate. Somnofy can actually tell how stressed out my body is.”

Aslak Fonn Witry

Professional Soccer Player

“I use Somnofy to optimize my sleep to perform well in training and competitions. I use details about deep sleep to ensure my muscles recover.”

Know What Impacts Your Sleep

Somnofy tells you exactly how well you slept each night, the factors that impact your sleep, and provides you with a daily sleep score.

Fall Asleep Naturally

Less caffeine and melatonin. More natural sleep. Somnofy monitors your respiration rate to help you understand your sleep quality and achieve long and restful sleep.

Improved Sleep, Improves Performance

Improving your sleep health extends endurance and reduces exhaustion. Daily sleep reports point out all of the factors that affect your sleep to improve your overall sleep health.

3-Month Somnofy Premium Trial Included

For those with the most demanding needs, we offer Somnofy Premium, with premium features that further optimize & enhance your experience. Starting at $11.99/mo.

Guided Breathing

Focus & Relaxation.

Smart Alarm

For optimal wake time.

Data Sync

Integrate with other apps.


Personalized sleep coaching, multiple users, jetlag tracking, and many more features.

Approved By Sleep Scientists

High quality sleep monitors track sleep vs. wake time accurately. Sleep scientists at the University of Bergen, Norway place Somnofy’s accuracy ahead of its peers.

Data validated by the University of Bergen, Norway, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. Validation Study: Validation of sleep stage classification using non-contact radar technology and machine learning (Somnofy®)

“Compared to the gold standard for sleep measurement - PSG (polysomnography), Somnofy is closer to this gold standard than any other alternative.”